Monthly Archives: October 2013

the “plan”

We don’t really have a plan for the trip, per se. It’s more of an idea of what we want to do. A very, very, VERY vague idea. Ready? Here it is: Southeast Asia (Nov – Mar), Nepal/Tibet (April / May), Eastern Europe (June-Aug), South America (Sept – ??). However, we only have two tickets so far: Denver to Manila, and Manila to Hanoi.

Yes, that is about as detailed as it gets. I can see all you structural, planner types out there sweating and obsessively trying to plan the trip for us in your head. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and forward us your sample itineraries and Microsoft Project Plans.

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how i got here

Over the last few months, as our departure date has steadily drawn nearer, I have often asked myself, how the eff did I get to this point in my life? How exactly did I reach this precipice with my cushy, comfortable, happy life neatly packed away in my brother’s garage and nothing but the abyss of the unknown ahead? What undiagnosed head trauma had I endured that convinced me that venturing out into the world with nothing in my backpack but a couple changes of clothes, my camera, cleats, and @Toteymoo is a good idea?

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